Sunday, December 19, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

My new nephew came into the picture about a month ago and I had to wait almost that same length of time to see him. Distance is killer on a family. Nonetheless, he and my sister-in-law made the trek to Toronto to lend us a hand with our baby's birth. I have to say, I was very excited to see him and now that I have, I can tell you he is beautiful.

He's been here only 2 days now and despite some episodes of crying—like right now for instance; he's bellowing—he's been so fun to have around. At first I was a little tentative with my techniques, thinking I was being too rough or not effective enough with him in my arms, but in the short 2 days that he's been here, I've gotten much more confident.

Confidence. I think it's what every father needs to gain before he's able to really enjoy the whole experience of having a newborn. You see having the baby is one thing, but learning to work with its mood swings is a whole other story, and I think confidence really is the key to success.

This morning was when I got the confidence I needed to handle my nephew. I mean, I'm not totally confident with him but come on, it's only been 2 days! So I woke up this morning and his mom wanted to have a shower so I was asked to hold him and tend to his needs. Boy, did I ever tend to his needs. Before I had even had my morning coffee, he was grunting and burping like nothing I've ever seen before. And you know, as strange as it might sound, I was loving it. I was loving it because I was helping him out, rubbing his back, moving him around, watching him do his thing. It was pretty rewarding and before I knew it, he was passed out on my chest in complete silence, with only a dirty bib to remind me of his recent indigestion.

It was awesome and I sat there for another 10 minutes before putting him in the bassinet to continue his slumber. I mean this is one of the best times for a dad! Just comforting your baby and watching it go from awake and uncomfortable, to sleepy and calm.

I'm just days away now from seeing my own little guy (or girl) show its face to the world and I honestly can't wait. This is going to be a great time in my life and for those of you out there that are on the fence about having a baby, keep reading my blog entries. Hopefully my experience will help you get more familiar with the thought, but most of all, I hope it'll give you a little thing called confidence. It's what every child looks for in a parent and it's what every father will obtain with a little practice.

~ Ken ~

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